Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Just a little info about The Silver Jackal


First I want to welcome you to the site. While this site's main focus is coin and coin collecting I will delve into my other interests and hobbies to fill in some of the spaces. Feel free to contact me at the link above or reach out on Social Media.

Born and raised in Georgia I have always been into collecting in some form or another. As a child I collected comics and comic trading cards and heck I even collected POGS. Later this evolved in to Magic the Gathering playing cards, pewter figurines and more. My Grandfather was an avid stamp and coin collector and from time to time we would get a coin or two for our birthdays or other occasions. I've held on to a lot of those and over the last few years I started collecting more on my own.


Originally it started with collectors sets (National Park Quarters, State Quarters etc) But I never really got much in to stacking. In 2018 I moved to Colorado and ended up selling most of my coin collection to help pay for some medical bills and moving expenses so these last few years or so I have been starting my collection up again..  Now I mainly collect Silver Bullion Rounds, Bars and stacking old U.S. silver coins. 


 My other hobbies include video games, Mainly retro games of course. I have a few older systems which I will try and showcase here on the blog as well as growing up I always had some form of a car or truck that I always loved fixing up. From Low Riders to Hot Hatches, Trucks, Cars and everything in between.  Currently today I have a fun little 2017 Fiat 500c Abarth that I enjoy zipping around town in tearing up the canyon roads here in Colorado.


By Day I work for a Nationwide Communications company in the I.T. Department and also run Anubianhost. If you need web hosting and want a smaller more tailored company to your site needs hit me up at the contact form above or on any social media. 


-The Silver Jackal