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Stacker Soap

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Wanted to share this cool product that we found recently, I originally saw this on Spegtacular's channel on Youtube so I decide to check it out. Rob at Hayseed Reverly on Etsy is creating "Stacker Soap" these are large soap bars that have hand poured silver treasure embedded inside. Right now at the time of this post he is offering 3 colors (Red, Blue, Green) with two designs on the soap (Skull and Cross Bones and Hearts) and then your choice of treasure (Howling Wolves, Hearts, Skulls) and then the weight/size of the silver in side. (1/4 ozt, 1/2ozt or 1ozt)  

We purchased 4 1ozt bars, 2 green and 2 blue. We ordered on April 9th and they were delivered April 16th. I went with The Howling Wolves and the Skull treasure option. At this time I have 2 bars open for the kitchen and bathroom and we are using these waiting for that sweet sweet treasure to be exposed!  This would be a great addition to any collector especially one with a family, Get your kids to wash their hands more frequently and then after some time they will have a cool piece of treasure to collect. 

Check Out Rob's page on Etsy and stay tuned! I will update the site with pictures and a reveal video once the bar is worn down enough to check out the treasure inside.

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